Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Wedding Film cost?  
Naturally, this is the first question on your mind after being moved by the Wedding Films you’ve just watched. But let us examine this question first: How important is a Wedding Film to you that tells your story, that shows who you are, that shows not only a few people but most of the people present? A Wedding Film that you can feel, hear and relate to? If your answer to all these questions is “very important”, then we’re glad that you’ve found us and yes, please contact us as soon as possible.

Will you be able to tell the story of our wedding in just under 20 Minutes?
Have you ever seen a single photograph so good that it makes you think and imagine the story behind that picture? The same applies to our Cinematic Wedding Films but you don’t need to imagine the story behind it – the film takes you back in time. Every scene leads to another that relates to the whole story of the film.

How do you manage to capture beautiful moments, do you direct the couple what to do?
No. We don’t direct the couple what to do. When filming a wedding, we anticipate what we think is going to happen. We prepare for this by talking to the couple beforehand AND by keeping an open communication with the couple’s wedding planner or on-the-day coordinator.

Our wedding vows, the speeches and the wedding ceremony are very important for us, do we need to book a sound technician to capture the audio in high quality?
No, you don’t need to book another supplier to capture your high quality audio. Our team is properly trained to capture both video and audio. Our director, John Eleazar, has worked with musicians and singers as a freelance music producer in the past so he knows a thing or two when it comes to music and audio.

Do we get a copy of the whole speeches and wedding vows?  
Yes. One important reason why our couples book our wedding film is because they want to remember and keep the words spoken on their wedding day. You may get a copy of these special moments with high quality audio and video.

How many persons are present on our wedding day?
Depending on the package you booked, we are 2 to 3 persons in our team.

Why do you always introduce camera movements in your work?
We are inspired by life. It is dynamic. Nothing in life goes into a complete halt. Our dynamic camera movements are carefully selected. We do not overuse a gear because it is cool. We seldom use a tripod because it slows us down and it is obtrusive.

Why do I need at least 2 camera perspectives?
Filming a wedding is not easy. Capturing authentic moments candidly and beautifully is an art. A two-camera set-up allows our team to be in “two places at once”.

When do I get the edited Films?
We will send the teaser within 10 working days and the Cinematic Wedding Film within 12-15 weeks.

Why does it take too long to edit the Cinematic Wedding Film?
Editing a great wedding film that touches the heart is both a technical and creative process. We spend hours, days and weeks editing the film based on different characters while staying true to the moments and authentic emotions of the day. Once we finished the first version of the film. We let it “rest” for a few days and watch it with fresh eyes. We make revisions after “feeling” and discussing the film internally until we find it perfect for our couple. We have no template. It’s a mixture of creative and technical work which requires time, passion and patience.

Can I get the edited film faster? Will it affect the overall quality of the Wedding Film?
Yes. You can book express editing to get your films faster. No, the overall quality of the Wedding Film is not affected when edited faster.

Can you make pictures out of the edited wedding film?
For some reason, we’ve been asked this question several times already. If you’re asking us if we could replace a photographer by giving you stills from our footages, then the answer is a big fat hairy audacious no. We have deep respect for wedding photographers. They are masters of their own craft and no serious wedding cinematographer will tell you otherwise. It’s a sham.

What is Aerial Videography? When would I need it?
Epic aerial shots are usually achieved by drones. It is best used if you want to film picturesque locations. Since 01.01.2014 (Novelle zum Luftfahrtgesetz, LFG), flying and filming with drones are highly regulated in Austria. It is prohibited to fly over crowded and residential places without the proper permit and license. We are working with licensed operators with professional grade aerial equipment.

Do you also speak German? other languages?
Ja, Deutsch ist eine wunderbare Sprache, die wir in mehreren Semestern auf der Uni Wien gelernt haben. Oft verstehen wir auch Dialekte wie Tirolerisch und Wienerisch. In unserem Team kann auch jemand Spanisch, Portugiesisch, Philippinisch und Englisch sprechen.